"Blonde" Lesser Scaup, Pelee

Ware Dean peleeisbirder at hotmail.com
Mon Jan 7 19:50:02 EST 2002


I was able to pick out a aberrant female Lesser Scaup out of the many 
thousands of Lessers and Greaters along east beach Pelee. It could only be 
describe it as having the same colouring as a Golden Lab(dog). It's head was 
dark redish brown like that of a Golden Labs ears.The bill and feet were 
normal.The body a warm redish yellow.

I have seen up to 3 Mallards through the years with this plumage but never 
any other Waterfowl.

Good Birding,

Dean Ware
Wheatley On.
peleeisbirder at hotmail.com

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"Ware Dean" <peleeisbirder at hotmail.com>

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