White-fronted Geese at Bronte, Oakville

Jean Niskanen jniskan at vianet.on.ca
Mon Jan 7 20:55:43 EST 2002


I observed the two White-fronted Geese east of Bronte Harbour between 11:30
am - 1:10 pm.  During this period, about 9 other birders saw them also.
This special note is to let others know to look further east than what the two
previous reports may have indicated.
Today they were about 400m (0.4 km) east of the Bronte Outer Harbour (Marina)
if you were standing at the intersection of Ontario Street and East Street.
They were NOT in the closest group of geese in the water but in the most
distant group.
During the observation period, they were always close together, swimming back
and forth closer to shore, then further out, but always with Canada Geese.
They briefly rested with their head under their wing, making them harder to
spot, but generally were easy to find and follow.  They are considerably
smaller than the giant Canada Geese.

Bronte Harbour:  From QEW in Oakville, go south at Hwy 25 (Bronte Road),
continue to Lake Ontario where you'll find the harbour and drive east along
Ontario Street to East Street.  You can park along Ontario Street. Look east
from East Street about 400 metres which is almost 1/2 way to Third Line.  The
Geese were in the water off Water's Edge Park behind apartment buildings.
There is a walking path here so you can walk as far as is necessary to find
them and obtain a good look.

Jean Niskanen
jniskan at vianet.on.ca

"Jean Niskanen" <jniskan at vianet.on.ca>

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