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Tue Jan 8 21:24:19 EST 2002

                Today in addition to the Thayers, Kumliens and Glaucous 
Gulls in Sarnia Bay , but hard to find among the thousand Herring gulls was 
an adult CALIFORNIA GULL.  It was close to the Marina cafe building at the 
north end of the bay.   Best time-- after 3.30 pm. but before it gets too 
dark to detect small details on gulls.
               Close by there is a fine selection of ducks, including a 
Green-winged Teal.

             Directions.   Take the 402 to the Front St. Exit and turn 
South on Front St. At the first traffic lights turn right -(West), on 
Exmouth St. and then left past the Sarnia Animal Shelter.  Then take your 
pick of view points.

                          Good Birding.             Alf.
           Forest Ont.

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