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    A search for snowy owls just north and south of the Oak Ridges 
Moraine in central Durham Region proved unsuccessful.  One stretch of 
harvested corn fields along Shirley Road did have one light-phase and 
one dark-phase ROUGH-LEG, a KESTREL, two RED-TAILS, a female HARRIER and 
an adult COOPER'S HAWK.  There was also a flock of SNOW BUNTINGS, 
although fog and light snow made viewing difficult.
    This concentration of raptors suggests a food supply here, since no 
other raptors were seen in similar suitable habitat in a two hour search
of adjacent areas.
    Shirley road runs east and west just north of the Oak Ridges Moraine 
between Simcoe Street and Regional Road 57.  The hawks were mostly on 
the north side closer to the eastern end of the road.  The COOPER'S HAWK 
was perched in a tree near a farm house.  The HARRIER was hunting over a 
grassy field at the northeast corner of Shirley Road and Old Scugog 
Road, and the RED-TAILS and ROUGH-LEGS were about a kilometre west of 
Old Scugog Road.  The ROUGH-LEGS flew about much of the time, but 
sometimes perched in lone trees along fence-rows, and at other times 
landed on the ground.  We did not see any of the raptors catch food in 
the short time we observed them.
    To access Shirley Road from Simcoe Street in Oshawa exit 401 at 
Simcoe Street and follow Simcoe Street north all the way through Oshawa 
until you reach the top of the Oak Ridges Moraine. (Purple Wood 
Conservation Area will be on your right)  About a kilometre after you 
begin the descent toward Lake Scugog & Port Perry, turn right on Shirley 
Rd.  Follow the road east for several kilometres past a left and then a 
right jog and Bill Leishman's blue camel sculpture. After the road 
levels out into open farmland watch for hawks. Immediately beyond the 
first woodlot on your right after the open country is Old Scugog Rd. 
which runs north from Bowmanville through the hamlets of Hampton, 
Enniskillen, Burkton and Blackstock.  Shirley Road crosses Old Scugog 
Road between Burketon & Blackstock.

Dennis Barry & Margaret Carney
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