Toronto, Scarborough Bluffs gulls, Ring-neck duck and Lesser Scaup at Ashbridges, N. Mockingbird at Greenwood

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Wed Jan 9 17:44:22 EST 2002

Buoyed by reports of Lesser Black-backed gulls at Ashbridge's Bay I 
birded near the Lakeshore from Bluffer's Park to Ashbridge's.  There is 
little at Bluffer's Park (Scarborough Bluffs) except for a couple of 
large groups of gulls as the eastern end of Bluffer's Park, in which I 
saw one Iceland gull, one Thayer's and one juvenile probable Greater 
Black-backed gull.  

At Ashbridge's Bay there was no sign of Black-backed gulls of any sort 
and again one Iceland gull and one Thayer's.  However, there was also 
one female Ring-necked Duck at Ashbridge's along with 1 male Lesser 
Scaup, several male Common Merganser's, several Common Goldeneye, along 
with the other usual culprits.  The ducks were easily visible from the 
boat ramp area but the gulls were closer to the Lakeshore and required a 

For those wanting to check off a Northern Mockingbird early in the year, 
there is one resident bird at the northwestern corner of Greenwood Park. 
 It's quite reliable.  There is a pathway between a small building in 
the nw corner and a row of bushes and trees to its north.  I've located 
it there 3 times now, usually within the first 15 minutes.


Ashbridge's Bay is found at the foot of Coxwell Avenue by driving on the 
Lakeshore Blvd. East to Coxwell Avenue and then turning right (driving 
south on Coxwell) into the park.  Stay right and drive and park in the 
lot next to the boat ramps.  The gulls and ducks are visible from the 
tips of the boat ramps.  The gulls may require a scope to see clearly.

Bluffer's Park:  take the Lakeshore Blvd. East to Woodbine Avenue and 
follow Woodbine north until it connects with Kingston Road.  Turn right 
on Kingston Road and follow east to Brimley Road.  Turn right on Brimley 
Road and drive south until you reach the entrance to Bluffer's Park (do 
not try this hill on a very icy day).  Then turn left and look on the 
ice just off of the roadway for the gulls.   There isn't much activity 
this time of year in the western part of this park.  You will need to 
park on the roadside and use a scope.

Greenwood Park:  Take Dundas Street East to one street west of Greenwood 
Ave., known as Alton Ave.  Turn north onto Alton Ave.  Alton runs 
one-way north to Gerrard.  Drive and stop just south of Gerrard Street, 
watching that you don't park in a no-parking area.  This is the 
northwestern corner of Greenwood Park and the Northern Mockingbird can 
be found  at the corner of the park in the trees and bushes off the 
laneway north of the building.

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