Townsends Solitaire - Niagara County, NY

Willie D'Anna dannapotter at
Wed Jan 9 18:33:49 EST 2002

The Townsends was seen by Curtis Marantz today, Wednesday, around 1:30 p.m
in an area with high bush cranberry and rose hips.  I have no more specific
information but I suspect that these are the bushes that are right next to
the lane.

DIRECTIONS to the Solitaire:
> From I-190 in Buffalo or Niagara Falls, proceed north to Rt. 104
> Ontario birders should cross at the Lewiston-Queenston Bridge and
> immediately exit after customs, following the signs to Rt 104 eastbound.
> Stay on Rt 104 eastbound when you reach the Village of Lewiston at the
> bottom of the escarpment - you have to exit the limited  access highway.
> Proceed east about 4 miles to Dickersonville Road (there is a church on
> southeast corner) and turn right (south).  In about 1/4 mile, the road
> bend to the left and soon will pass Blacknose Spring Road, which comes
> off of the escarpment on your right.  Proceed another 150 yards or so to
> first road (a dirt lane) on your right.  It is across the street from the
> second house on your left.  Pull over here without blocking the lane.
> is an old sign saying, "Private Property No Trespassing" but I have it on
> good authority that the sign is intended for vehicles only.  This is
> parkland.  Walk down the lane which runs north-south and start looking for
the Solitaire right away
> as the habitat is good.  As you walk, there will be water on both sides of
> the road.  When the water begins to widen on your right, after about 100
> yards, is where I first saw the bird on the right side.  This spot also
> gives a good view over the water to your left.  The bird has been seen
> eating red berries here as well.  A little further down the
> lane, the water ends on both sides of the road and there is a small
> inconspicuous path on your right.  We had excellent looks at the bird from
> this path once.  Several times, the bird was in the conifers along the
edges of the small orchard that is
> just a few more yards down the lane on your
> left.

Good birding!
Willie D'Anna
Betsy Potter
Niagara Falls, N.Y.
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