Meadowlark sp and waterfowl in Haldimand.

Don Graham rthummingbird at
Wed Jan 9 21:39:48 EST 2002

Hi there,

A half-day's birding in Haldimand County revealed several interesting birds.
These included a Northern Shrike at .... and a Meadowlark sp. at ....
Unfortunately I did not see the Meadowlark well enough to identify it's
species  and it gave no vocalizations. If it's wintering at this location
maybe someone else will have better luck.

At Hoover Pt. I had some interesting waterfowl including Pintail, American
Widgeon, Gadwall, Tundra Swans and a few Long-tailed Ducks way out there.

At Peacock Pt. I had Tundra Swans and Gadwall again as well as thousands of
Scaup (both species), hundreds of Redhead, and a few Ring-necked Duck. A
cottage roof here provided a wind-sheltered spot for approximately 200
Brown-headed Cowbirds. About 2 km to the west an open field held about 1000
waterfowl, a mix of Canada's, Mallards and Blacks. These were suddenly
disturbed by a young Bald Eagle flying low above them practicing Harrier
hunting techniques.

Don Graham
Simcoe, Ontario

"Don Graham" <rthummingbird at>

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