Pine Warbler, Linear Trail in Preston, Cambridge

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Thu Jan 10 14:47:12 EST 2002

Today, Thursday, January 10, 2002, at 12:25, Heather and I observed a
male Pine Warbler along Linear Trail upriver from the footbridge over
the effluent channel from the Preston Sewage Treatment Plant. Studied at
close range for about 10 minutes, the bird flew northeast from the main
trail to the treed slope behind the back of houses that overlook the
floodplain, Linear Trail and the Grand River.  Several feeders are
maintained at the back of these houses and attract a variety of birds in
the tangle of undergrowth and trees on the slope.  

Directions: Take the 401 Exit #278 -- Hwy 8/King Street through Preston,
Cambridge.  Continue through the business section until you reach Bishop
Street (Zehrs plaza on one corner; Tim Horton's on other).  Turn right
on Bishop, go two blocks to Hamilton Street (L-shaped intersection).
Proceed straight-ahead into the Preston Auditorium parking lot.  The
entrance to Linear Trail is on the far left of the parking lot.  Follow
Linear Trail down the slope until the trail follows the Grand River to
the wooden footbridge over the effluent. Once across the footbridge,
look north (ahead and to your right) across a meadow with scattered
trees and shrubs where you will see the wooded slope at the back of the
houses mentioned above. Side trails lead to the base of the slope.

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