"White" Goldeneye - Grays Road, Stoney Creek

Smith, Paul D PaulD.Smith at Stelco.CA
Fri Jan 11 12:31:55 EST 2002

Yesterday (Thurs. Jan.10) at about 4:00 pm I spotted what I guess to be a
partial albino (amelanistic?, leuconistic?) Goldeneye in a small raft of
Common Goldeneye off Sayer's Park in Stoney Creek.

Its head was all white but with dark eyes and bill.  The body (back, sides
and wings) were generally white, flecked with black.  It seemed a little
smaller than the Common Goldeneye around it, but that may have been an
optical illusion because of the difference in colour.  The head, in
contrast, seemed large for the body, especially compared to the sleek
looking female Long-tailed Ducks on the edge of the raft, but exaggerated
even for a goldeneye.  Conditions weren't good enough to see more detail.

There was little else in sight but about 4 Surf Scoters, 2 Black Scoters,
large rafts of Long-tailed Ducks further out, and a few Bufflehead.

Sayers Park is reached from the east bound QEW by way of Centennial Parkway
north (left), North Service Road east (right) to Drakes Drive north (left,
just past the Grays Rd overpass) to Lakegate Drive east (right) to dead end.

Would anyone else that has seen this bird, or other leuconistic ducks in the
area, let me know? (Privately, of course.)

Paul D. Smith
Flamborough, Ontario
pauld.smith at stelco.ca

"Smith, Paul D" <PaulD.Smith at Stelco.CA>

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