Townsend's Solitaire, Mississauga a YES, Greater White-fronted Geese at Bronte not visible from Noon through 2 p.m.

Theresa Dobko dobko at
Fri Jan 11 16:00:55 EST 2002

On our 2nd try we were finally successful at seeing the Townsend's 
Solitaire, today, Friday around 11 a.m. (our sympathies to the male 
birder who left just before it arrived).  

I'm  writing because we observed it feeding on fruited trees (red 
berries) a couple of houses away from the dead spruce commonly reported 
and thought it might be helpful to let you know that location for future 

The Directions are:

Exit Hwy 401 at Winston Churchill Blvd, proceed south to Derry Road. 
 Turn right (west) on Derry Road to Danton Promenade.  Go south on 
Danton until you see the entrance of Plum Tree Park.  You can park 
nearby and walk through the Plum Tree Park and around the block 
surrounding the park to look for the Townsend's, but many people have 
reported it to be found atop a dead spruce best visible from Hickling, 
one street east of Danton Promenade.  Today we saw the Townsend's in the 
trees in the front yard of 3081 Hickling at the corner of Hickling and 
Vanderbilt, a couple of houses away from the dead spruce and on the same 
side of the street.  We parked across the street with a good view of the 
spruce and 3081 and watched it for a good 15 minutes as it ate. 
 Wonderful views of it through a scope but it was also visible with 
binoculars.  It is camoflaged well in that tree!

Good Luck,

Theresa Dobko
dobko at
Liz Green

Theresa Dobko <dobko at>

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