White Gyrfalcon near Montreal

Mike Street mikestreet at hwcn.org
Fri Jan 11 20:26:52 EST 2002

Ontario birders may be interested to know that a white Gyrfalcon is being
seen regularly at Mont St. Hilaire, Quebec, not far from Montreal. 

Details are on the Quebec listserv. You can read the last few days'
information at: (look for 'faucon gerfaut')



>From Route 116 starting at the Richelieu River in the town of Mont St.
Hilaire, turn right at the 3rd light on Rue (street) Radisson then take
the first left to an empty lot where people can park to access the park.
In  front of you is falaise (cliff) Dieppe. To the left at the base of the
cliff there is a white cross just above the treetops. The bird when
present can be seen from two areas:

1. Follow the trail from the parking lot toward the hill, take the first
trail to the left and follow it to the second sand pile. From there you
can see the cross and the cliff above. Line up the cross and go slightly
right of it up the cliff to nearly the top of the bluff. There are a
couple of recesses where the bird roosts after 4pm. When the bird shows up
earlier it tends to perch on the rocks or in the trees just to the right
of the cross.

2. Follow the same trail as in 1. Pass the turn off to the left to an open
where you can see the same view as in one location is more convenient
setting up scopes.

Thanks to Kirk Moulton of the Hawk Migration Association of North America
for the following additional directions: The viewing point is about only
200 meters or so from the parking lot.  Take the first left as described
above and go up until there is a big flat place.  You can easily see the
cliff (and cross) from there.  Up near the peak of the cliff, a bit up and
to the right of the cross, there is an overhang running horizontally.
There is white wash on the right side of the overhang and the bird tucks
under there (sometimes out of sight).  The bird often perches in the
nearby trees (especially in the morning).  Also, sometimes (if you are
lucky) the bird roosts in a big vertical fault line which is 50 or feet to
the left of the whitewash.  You can't see the roost from the flat place,
so go back down the trail a little bit (50-100 feet) back towards the
cars, and there is a trail on your right(on the left if you are walking up
the hill)  which allows you access through the woods.  Carry on this trail
75 yards or so until you have a clear view up the vertical crevice.  Look
HIGH in the crevice for the roost.


Mike Street
Ancaster, Ontario, Canada
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Mike Street <mikestreet at hwcn.org>

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