Gulls in Maple

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Sat Jan 12 13:14:08 EST 2002

Hello Birders;

Both yesterday afternoon and today there has been a large congregation of 
gulls behind the Ahmidyya Mosque in Maple.

Yesterday afternoon amongst the many Herring, Great Black-backed and 
Ring-billed Gulls I counted at least 10 Glaucous Gulls (4 adults and 6 
immatures), 4 Iceland Gulls (1 adult and 3 immatures including one quite 
dark bird), 1 1st basic Lesser Black-backed Gull and another interesing bird 
that was in 1st basic plumage.  I believe this bird to be a "Nelson's Gull" 
(GlaucousxHerring).  It was similar in size and structure to a Glaucous, 
including the gigantic pink bill with black tip of a Glaucous, but was quite 
dark overall and a dark secondary bar, outer primaries and tail band could 
be seen when the bird was in flight.

Today in a brief check I noted at least 6 Glaucous Gulls, 3 Iceland Gulls 
and an adult Lesser Black-backed.

To reach the mosque exit the 400 at Major Mackenzie Dr. east until you reach 
Jane Street.  Turn north on Jane and continue for apporximately 500 metres 
until you see a large mosque on the left (the mosque is very obvious).  
Immedaitely after the mosque (to the north) is Ahmidyya Ave.  Turn west on 
Ahmidyya and drive past the mosque.  The gulls were all in a field on the 
west side of the mosque.

Good Birding!

Gavin Platt
Maple, ON
gavinplatt at

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