Black-headed Gull & other gulls - Niagara River

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Sat Jan 12 18:42:33 EST 2002

Brett Ewald found the adult BLACK-HEADED GULL today, Saturday, in the gorge
below Niagara Falls.  I suspect this is the same bird that was discovered
back in early Dec or late Nov that was being seen in lower Queenston but
more recently (29 Dec) it was near the Whirlpool Bridge.  With a range from
lower Queenston to the falls, it is no wonder this bird is so difficult to

An imm. BLACK-LEGGED KITTIWAKE was seen during the week about 1/4 mile south
of the Peace Bridge.  An immature FRANKLIN'S GULL was reported last Saturday
from the Lewiston Boat Landing.  There continues to be huge numbers of
Bonaparte's Gulls on the river as well as plenty of large gulls.  If the
weather pattern holds, they may stay into February or even into spring.

Yesterday, Friday, I had the SNOWY OWL at the Niagara Falls, NY airport from
the office park on Rt 62 at the end of Williams Road.  It was clear across
the airstrip, right in front of some distant buildings.

I was not as fortunate as Bill Watson.  I missed the TOWNSEND'S SOLITAIRE at
Bond Lake Park, Niagara County today.  In fact Bill may have been the only
one who saw it.  This bird must feed in other areas but as yet, we have not
located those spots.

Good birding!
Willie D'Anna
Betsy Potter
Niagara Falls, N.Y.
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