Belted Kingfisher in Concord

Ian Cannell cannell at
Thu Jan 17 15:59:47 EST 2002

This afternoon, I heard and then saw the Belted Kingfisher that has lingered
in Marita Payne Park. It was further along the river than usual, just above
the 407 bridge.
No sign of the Mockingbird today - maybe the Sharp-Shinned Hawk and the
Red-tailed Hawk that were patrolling had something to do with that.
The Carolina Wrens are coming every day to my feeders (especially the peanut
feeder). Although they are pretty unpredictable as to what times they show
up, between 7:50am and 9:15am seems to be the most typical. Usually only one
bird at a time shows up.

Marita Payne Park runs on the West side of Dufferin Street, starting at the
first traffic lights North of Steeles Avenue. (i.e. just north of Toronto).

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