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Thu Jan 17 22:45:07 EST 2002

Hello Birders

. . .just an update on the Savannah Sparrow and Yellow-rumped Warbler coming
to the feeders at 170 Oakridge Blvd. in Ottawa:

Since consistent winter conditions have finally come to the Ottawa area,
both birds have become fairly regular at the feeders. However, the
Yellow-rumped is the more active of the two. It is very vocal and highly
agressive toward other birds.
The sparrow prefers feeding on millet scattered on the ground near the
cedars, while the warbler enjoys chunks of rendered suet cakes.

Also of interest to local birders is the Hawk Owl found by Langis Sirois
near the town of Eardly, Quebec on the 16th. It was seen in the exact same
location today (17th) around 3:00pm.

Directions to the Oakridge feeders:
>From the Queensway (Hwy. 417), travel south on Woodroffe Ave, past Baseline
Rd., and past Algonquin College.
Continue to the Meadowlands/Tallwood intersection. Turn LEFT (east) on
Meadowlands Dr.
Turn right (south) on Sullivan Ave. (the first street off Meadowlands after
turning off Woodroffe.)
Turn right (west) on Oakridge Blvd. #170 will be on your left about 2/3 down
the road.
The feeders are in the back. Please do not block the laneway! It is
recommended that you observe from beside the garage.

Directions to the Hawk Owl courtesy of Langis Sirois:
Travelling West on Hwy 148, turn left on Cochrane which is about 10.5 Km
before you reach the intersection of Quyon/Lac-des-Loup Rd.  Cochrane
becomes River Rd. after a few kilometres. River Rd. ends on Hw 148.  So if
you miss Cochrane and see River Rd, which is about 6 Km further on Hw 148,
take River Rd.
The bird frequents the area around #4130 River Rd, near the corner of Royal

Good Birding to All
Tony Beck
158-B Woodridge Cr,
Ottawa, Ont.
K2B 7S9
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