Correction - (Ottawa) Grey Partridge location

Christina Lewis weewa at
Fri Jan 18 18:44:42 EST 2002

Hi Ontbirders,

For those of you interested in Grey Partridge in the Ottawa area (and who
may have read the most recent transcript of the Bird Status Line):

The correct address for the Grey Partridges in the Klondike / Sandhill area
of Kanata is 351 Sandhill Rd. @ the corner of Klondike Rd. (NOT 331 Klondike
@ Sandhill)...apologies for the "Oops" in the directions....  This is on
private property, and the residents would prefer if birders do not just
enter the property without warning.  However, these birds may be present
anywhere in the general area (Note: there are NO bird feeders on the
property itself).

Grey Partridges are still present in another location, at the Nepean Creek
Storm Water Management Facility at the northeast corner of Colonnade Rd. &
Prince-of-Wales Dr.


#351 Sandhill:  From Hwy 417 going west from Ottawa, take the Eagleson /
March Rd. exit and go left (north) on March Rd.  Klondike is on your right
at the "March House" restaurant (old grey stone building).  Turn right on
Klondike and proceed to Sandhill, also on your right.  #351 is a big grey
bungalow (ALSO on your right), and the large property has cedar hedges as
well as a well-developed row of spruce trees behind the house.

Nepean Creek Storm Water Management Facility:  From Hwy 416, take the Hunt
Club Rd. exit. Go east on Hunt Club to Merivale Rd.  Trun left (north) and
proceed until you reach the railroad track overpass. Immediately after this,
turn right onto Colonnade Rd.  Head east straight on Colonnade until the
road begins to bend to the right.  Park at the Christian Redeemer School,
and walk east to access the fields on the north side of Colonnade.  The
birds are in the northeast area of these fields between the bend and the
Storm-Water Facility.

Good luck & good birding,
Chris Lewis
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"Christina Lewis" <weewa at>

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