Pine W.- Cambridge, Purple Finch - Guelph

Maris Apse apsemaris at
Fri Jan 18 23:52:05 EST 2002

   Hi all!
        Started the day at Bronte about 9 am - no luck with, and 
snow was blowing.
   Most of the ducks were pretty far out at Gray's and Green Rd. - but the 
"leucistic"(?) C. Goldeneye really stood out in the now bright sun.
   RBG had 4 Cedar Waxwing in the crabapples, opposite the VC and 2  Tufted 
Titmice, down the hill to Cootes trail.
   When I first got to Cambridge - Riverbank trail it was pretty quiet -and 
after I flushed a Juv. Cooper's Hawk the "dickie" birds started to pop up 
out of every bush and scrub pile. At 1:15 I had superb viewing of the Pine 
Warbler for about 10 mins. Such depth of yellow against the snow, in bright 
sun at 10/12 feet, eye level and below was an absolute joy (#125 WL) and 
well worth the trip.
   I went to Guelph to get my daughter Emily from school at 2:30 and we 
checked out the Arboretum  feeders - saw all the usual - but nothing of the 
recently reported Pine Grosbeaks. On our way out of town, about 4pm. on 
Wellington Rd.37 and just before(west) of Arkell(Green # 0498) we spotted a 
male Purple Finch atop the tallest deciduous tree behind this house(I've not 
heard of too many this winter).    Cheers!

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