Brantford to Selkirk - Herons to Savannah Sparrow

Sat Jan 19 23:20:33 EST 2002

Hello again fellow birders:

 Today, Saturday, Jan.19,2002 Stan Bajurny and I decided to try to find some
Gray Partridge at Brantford (Hwy 407 west of Hamilton). We traveled the roads
around the Brantford airport several times with out any luck, but we will try
again. We did come up with some interesting birds though. Along Greens Rd on the
east side of the airport we found 19 Snow Buntings as well as Horned Larks (it
is here last year that we saw a flock of the "Northern Horned Lark" (alpestris),
and along Jennings Rd (runs from Robinson Rd south to Oakhill Dr. about 2 km
east of Greens Rd) among the many A. Goldfinch, A. Tree Sparrows, etc. we found
4 beautiful male Eastern Bluebirds feeding on berries along with 6 Common

 After passing around the airport once more we headed on down Hwy 24 to
Scotland, east on Concession 4 (found a flock of 100+ Snow Buntings along this
road) to Concession Rd 20 and south on 20 to Bealton / Villa Nova Rd. We had
found Gray Partridge along this road in the past but not this time.
 Almost as soon as we started down Villa Nova we stopped to look at some birds
flying across the road at 2nd Concession Road (A. Tree Sparrows, the first of 62
along Villa Nova) we encountered a pair of Ring-necked Pheasants sauntering
through the intersection with no apparent concern until a truck approached them.
We continued along the road and were again stopped by A. Tree Sparrows on and
flying across the road. We stopped and counted them (50 ft from #1185, west side
for you winter birders) and as I looked at the Tree's I spotted a nice Savannah
Sparrow on the top of weed stocks. It looks at home here.
 We continued down the road and again stopped, this time for a call of nature
(sorry about the graphics) and when this was completed I mentioned that there
was a woodpecker across the road and indeed there was and in fact in the same
tree were 2 Downy, 1 Hairy and 1 Red-bellied Woodpecker along with 1 W-B
Nuthatch. Again off we went down the road and again we were stopped by birds and
this time it was a Northern Mockingbird along with another Red-bellied

 Continuing on to Jarvis we drove down O'Mahoney Rd and at the intersection with
14th Concession Rd (west of Townsend) we found a Northern Shrike.

 From here it was off to Selkirk Provincial Park (the area that John Miles hides
out in during the nice weather). By this time we had seen 9 Red-tailed Hawks and
would end up with 26 for the day. At Selkirk Park we were happy to find 1 Great
horned Owl, 2 E. Screech Owls (in holes only inches from us) ,2 Tufted Titmice,
both Nuthatches, 1 Red-bellied Woodpecker, and an adult Northern Goshawk that
probably was the reason we only found a wing and pellets of Long-eared Owls.

 After leaving Selkirk we headed over towards the Nanticoke Power Plant area
(they were making lots of clouds today) and along the way we drove down
Cheapside Rd to Peacock Point (west of Selkirk). Along Cheapside south of Conc.
3 we stopped at a feeder and found 17 B-H Cowbirds and 6 House Finches. Off
Peacock point were 28 Tundra Swans, 500+ Scaup as well as hundreds of other
common waterfowl.

 At Nanticoke (on the lake just east of Sandusk Rd) we saw 11 Great Blue Herons,
2 adult Bald Eagles, 150+ Redheads as well as hundreds of Mallards and 100+ A.
Black Ducks.

SELKIRK PROVINCIAL PARK SOUTH OF HAGERSVILLE (Fee in season, not in the winter)	

   On the way down to Long Point from Hamilton on Hwy 6 drive to the centre of
Hagersville, turn left on Hwy 20 (King Street). Drive along Hwy 20 for approx. 3
km and turn right (south) on Cheapside Road.
   Drive straight down Cheapside Road through Erie and Cheapside to Rainham Rd
(Concession Rd 3) and turn left (east). Drive approx. 2pm to Wheeler road and
turn right (south) and drive to the entrance to the park.

Norm Murr
Richmond Hill, ON

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