Sora Rail Riverside Park Cambridge

Bill and Heather Wilson wgwilson at
Sun Jan 20 10:29:09 EST 2002

This morning, Sunday, January 20, before 10 am, Jerry Guenther and Bill
Wilson observed a Sora Rail beside the Whitney Boardwalk in Riverside
Park, Preston-Cambridge.  A Sora Rail was seen in the same location in
Jan-Feb 1997. The rail this morning was seen on the west side of the
boardwalk, just past the main feeding station.  Note that benches are
just opposite this feeding station.

Directions: Take the 401 Exit #278 -- Hwy 8/King Street a short distance
into Preston, Cambridge. Riverside Park is on the left-hand side just
before the bridge over the Speed River.  The main road through the park
is closed but a perimeter road to the left of the main entrance is open
and runs through the park.  Take this open road past the greenhouses,
the stadium -- the road swings left here -- past the pool and the
maintenance buildings until you see a "road closed sign" on the right
(just before there are woods on either side of road).  There is parking
here for a few cars.  On foot, follow this closed road a short distance
toward the power line towers.  Take the trail on the left to the
boardwalk.  Go along the boardwalk until you see the main feeding
station and benches. 

Bill Wilson (reported to Heather Wilson by phone)
Cambridge, ON
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