Pine Warbler still present in Cambridge

Karl Konze kkonze at
Sun Jan 20 20:19:14 EST 2002

Hi everyone,

The PINE WARBLER was still present today (Sunday January 20, 2002 - 3:30
p.m.) in the same location as before. See the directions below. People
looking for this bird should keep an eye open for the suet cage, along with
the other feeders at the top of the slope. We observed it feeding on it a
couple times. It looked to be in good health, flying around quite a bit. If
you don't see it right away, the good variety of feeder birds will keep you
busy in the meantime.

Also present along the Grand River was an adult BALD EAGLE, BELTED
KINGFISHER, and several lovely male COMMON MERGANSERS. At one point, the
BALD EAGLE was ambushed by a RED-TAILED HAWK. However, in short order the
BALD EAGLE turned the tables and gave pursuit itself. A few minutes later,
the BALD EAGLE cruised past us alone, flushing ducks upriver along the way.

Unfortunately, we had no success looking for the SORA in Riverside Park
(Cambridge). It was observed earlier in the day from a cattail marsh.
However, we saw very few ice free patches where it may have searched for
food. Nevertheless, the boardwalk trail was delightful. There was lots of
activity around every feeding station with BLACK-CAPPED CHICKADEES and
AMERICAN TREE SPARROWS singing periodically. All in all a pleasant walk.

Good luck to those searching for these two great winter birds.

Karl, Kathy and William Konze

Karl R. Konze
Guelph, Ontario
kkonze at

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Directions to PINE WARBLER c/o Bill Wilson:
Take the 401 Exit #278 -- Hwy 8/King Street through Preston, Cambridge.
Continue through the business section until you reach Bishop Street (Zehrs
plaza on one corner; Tim Horton's on other).  Turn right on Bishop, go two
blocks to Hamilton Street (L-shaped intersection). Proceed straight-ahead
into the Preston Auditorium parking lot.  The entrance to Linear Trail is on
the far left of the parking lot.  Follow Linear Trail down the slope until
the trail follows the Grand River to the wooden footbridge over the effluent
channel. Once across the footbridge, look north (ahead and to your right)
across a meadow with scattered trees and shrubs where you will see the
wooded slope at the back of the houses mentioned above. Side trails from
Linear Trail lead to the base of the slope.

Directions to SORA c/o Bill Wilson:
Take the 401 Exit #278 -- Hwy 8/King Street a short distance into Preston,
Cambridge. Riverside Park is on the left-hand side just before the bridge
over the Speed River.  The main road through the park is closed but a
perimeter road to the left of the main entrance is open and runs through the
park.  Take this open road past the greenhouses, the stadium -- the road
swings left here -- past the pool and the maintenance buildings until you
see a "road closed sign" on the right (just before there are woods on either
side of road).  There is parking here for a few cars.  On foot, follow this
closed road a short distance toward the power line towers.  Take the trail
on the left to the boardwalk.  Go along the boardwalk until you see the main
feeding station and benches. 

Karl Konze <kkonze at>

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