Pine and Evening Grosbeaks at Apsley

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Sun Jan 20 17:30:45 EST 2002

Today, Sunday, Jan. 20, I visited Apsley in the successful search for my
lifer Pine Grosbeak. 

First I went down Jack Lake Road and stopped on the road near #731
because I saw a large flock of Evening Grosbeaks there--at least 50 in
one view and there were probably more. Feeders by the house must be
attracting them. I had not seen such a group since my childhood in
Montreal when they would appear every winter or two. It was quite a
compensation for no Pine Gs. There were many breeding plumage males in
the group. After inspecting the flock for Pine Grosbeaks without
success, I continued down to the lakeside area where a Red-tailed Hawk
soared overhead, a change from all the Ravens. 

On the way back, a small flock of Pine Grosbeaks was eating at the
feeder! I counted eight. There was one red male and one bird that looked
like the russet form in the National Geographic Birds. The others were
female or immature.

A week earlier, after OFO's Petroglyph trip, I had found White-winged
Crossbills at a feeder on Taylor St. (just before you get to the Jack
Lake Rd.) in the town. Apsley seems to be a good place for finches.

Apsley is off Highway 28 about 45 km northeast of Lakefield (which in
turn is about 15 km northeast of Peterborough). Jack Lake Road is well
marked in Apsley  as you come into town.

Sandra Eadie
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