Golden Eagle - Alvinston to Strathroy Area

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Mon Jan 21 17:31:15 EST 2002

Hi All, sorry for the late post.

Last Thursday, I observed an immature Golden Eagle soaring low over the
fields along Nauvoo Road at Rokeby Line.  The bird was flying over the
rolling, Hawthorn covered scrub hills to the east, and disappeared along the
Brown's and Hardy Creek flood plains.

Hoping that the eagle was still in the area, Vicki and I were out late
yesterday afternoon, covering the concession roads from Nauvoo in the west
to Kerwood Road in the east, and from Rokeby/Winter Line in the south to
Katesville Road in the north.  This area is largely covered by rolling hills
and hawthorn thickets. 

We located the eagle again along Napier Road, perched out of the wind, in
the large woodland, just north of Melwood Road.  We observed the eagle for
approximately 20 minutes before it flew west, back towards Alvinston.

There are several Rough-legged Hawks, including two dark phase, as well as
numerous Northern Harriers, Red-tails and Kestrels all through this area.

I was working in this area again today, and did not see the eagle, however I
will post any further observations through the week.

To get there:  Take exit #44 from Highway 402, south through Wattford, and
proceed to Rokeby line, approx. 15 km.  The concession roads to the east are
the best chance, however watch the ice and drifting!

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