Border Birder Hotline and Black Vulture Update

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Thu Jan 24 07:04:45 EST 2002

The mild weather has brought several excellent birds to the Sault Ste.
Marie area over the past two weeks. The first highlight has been an
immature Black Vulture that was seen today January 23rd, at 32 Church
St. in the village of Echo Bay. It was observed feeding on suwet balls
and preening itself while perched in a tree on the front lawn of 34
Church  St. A local wildlife photographer was able to point out that the

Black Vulture’s right eye is severely damaged. This could mean that if
it is able to get enough food it may remain for awhile. The irregular
Bewick’s Wren made another appearance at the feeder at 405 King St. in
the town of Massey, on the 22nd. This bird disappears for 2 or 3 days
and then reappears. Due to the open water conditions, on January 19th, a

total of 16 Tundra Swans still remain at the outer marsh at Pumpkin

The Brown Thrasher reported on January 6, is still visiting the feeder
on Sunnyside Beach Rd. daily. Two Gray Jays can also be seen regularly.
On January 18th, the male Harlequin Duck was reported on the St. Mary’s
River Rapids near the International Bridge.

On January 4th, 8 Bohemian waxwings were seen feeding on berries on
Hugill St. On the 5th, 1 Gray Jay was reported in Sylvan Valley west of
Gordon Lake Rd. On the 10th, an American Robin was seen at Lower Island
Lake in Heydon. Another Robin has been seen regularly at Whitefish Creek

at the Sault Locks. Up to 300 Bohemian Waxwings have been reported
drinking at the creek. Another American Robin was seen on Anglican
Church Rd. in the Goulais area. Fifty Common Redpolls are visiting the
reportedly squirrel-proof feeder. The owner uses a slinkey hanging
around the pole. On January 14th, 1 male and two female Northern
cardinals made an appearance at a feeder at 89 Carol Crt. Dark-eyed
Juncos and Black-capped Chickadees are regular visitors. Two more Juncos

were reported at a feeder on 100 Danby Rd. On the 18th, the American
Kestrel was seen again at the Sault Locks attempting to hunt 5o Bohemian

Waxwings. On the 21st a Black-backed Woodpecker was seen by a nordic
skier on the Sugar Bush Trail in Hiawatha Conservation Area. The first
Northern Hawk Owl has been reported hunting over the fields north of the

Thessalon River bridge at Rydall Bank on the 18th.

On the 19th, the White-winged Scoter was seen from behind the Plummer
Hospital. That same day 5 Glaucous Gulls, 1 Great Black-backed Gull and
30 Herring Gulls could be seen on the newly formed ice at the bottom of
the rapids across from Station Mall. One adult Bald Eagle could be seen
patiently watching the gulls on the berm beside the rapids. On January
21st, an adult Bald Eagle was seen on the river shore at Hatley Park
near McGregor and Queen St.

Bob Knudsen
Sault Ste. Marie, ON
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