Short-eared Owl southwest of Strathroy

Dave & Carol Skinner theskins at
Sat Jan 26 18:43:38 EST 2002

A short ride from home in Strathroy produced a single Short-eared Owl at
6:00 PM.

Directions:  On Calvert Street in Strathroy, drive west to Mayfair Road.
Turn south on Mayfair.  I believe Inadale Road is the third cross-road.
Turn west on Inadale.  Drive a very short distance.  Scan the fields on the
right side of the road.  I find it best to just park the car and wait.
There is very little, if any, traffic here at this time of the evening.

Dave Skinner
theskins at

"Dave & Carol Skinner" <theskins at>

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