Pine Grosbeaks-University of Guelph

boydm at boydm at
Sun Jan 27 01:26:58 EST 2002

Dear Fellow Birders

Sorry for taking so long to post this to the list, but the Pine Grosbeaks that 
have been seen recently at the University of Guelph were seen again today. A 
flock of 11 females were seen today in the Arboretum around 1:30 pm about 300-
400 m in from the enterance on the north side of the main road. They have 
however been seen at different locations around campus and may be hard to find 
at times. 

Directions: To reach the University of Guelph's Arboretum exit the 401 at Brock 
Rd/ Hwy 6 South (exit 299), follow this north into Guelph then turn right on 
College St, then another right onto East Ring Rd and then a left onto Arboretum 
Rd, which is just south of the residences, this then leads into the Arboretum.

Mike Boyd
Guelph, Ontario
boydm at

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