Haldimand County sightings

John Miles miles at kwic.com
Sun Jan 27 11:41:52 EST 2002

Yesterday birding the Haldimand area several birds of note were spotted.
Horned Larks have arrived back and were singing in the fields. A dark phased
Rough-leg was just east of #6 along the 3 rd concession.
At the dam at Taquanyah was a Belted Kingfisher and the resident pair of
Northern Mockingbirds were on the brushy hill side south of the dam site
parking lot. A male Ring-necked Pheasant was along the Decuesville Rd. just
north of the little cemetary near the culvert.
Another N. Mockingbird was near the Gifford's feeder along the West River
Rd. a couple of houses south of the Irish Line. Tufted Titmouse and a
Red-bellied Woodpecker have been coming to this feeder but did not put in an
appearance Saturday.
Over the drag strip at Kohler was a light phase Rough-leg. The entrance to
the drag strip is a good spot this winter for Short-eared Owls. Up to a
dozen have been spotted at dusk at this location. Another light phase
Rough-leg was on the field NE oand west of the junction of the Kohler Road
and the Indian Line.  Short-ears continue to be found along the 6th
concession north of Fisherville at and around the Raptor preserve.
In Selkirk Provincial Park a Tufted Titmouse is coming to the feeders by the
banding trailer. 4-5 Long-eared Owls were in the north pine plantation while
a Great Horned was calling NE of the foot bridge over the Spring Creek marsh
late in the afternoon. When in the park especially near the park entrance be
on the lookout for Red-bellied Woodpeckers. There are at least 2 pairs in
the park.
There are several small flocks of Tundra Swans between the Kohler Rd and the
Nanticoke Hydro Plant and have been present all winter. The Lake Erie is
still wide open with reasonal size flocks of Redheads and scaup as well as a
few lingering Bonaparte's Gulls.

Haldimand County is along the north shore of Lake Erie south of Hamilton.

John Miles
miles at kwic.com


"John Miles" <miles at kwic.com>

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