Golden Eagle Still Present near Strathroy

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Mon Jan 28 08:42:36 EST 2002

Yesterday, my parents came down from Waterloo, to search with Vicki and I,
for mythical Golden Eagles.  They have not seen one in almost fifteen years
of birding.  

My credibility was almost shot, when Vicki spotted a large bird tucked back
in the corner of the same woodlot that we observed the bird last weekend.
Twenty minutes later and some great views of the soaring bird, my parents
could add an immature Golden Eagle to their lists.  The eagle soared over
the field off and on for fifteen minutes, spooking up the resident pair of
Red-tailed Hawks.  Great views were had with the scopes and through
binoculars.  The white band in the tail, and the white in the wing along
with the golden wash was clearly observable against the sky.

While driving through the area, we were able to find several Light-phased
Rough-legged Hawks, numerous Red-tails, Kestrels and Harriers.  As well,
several small flocks of Common Redpolls (50 or so each) were found, and a
cooperative Northern Shrike was seen just south of the Sydenham River on
Woodcock Road, just south of Rokeby Line.  We finished up with a Cooper's
Hawk hunting over the Tim's in Strathroy.

>From Strathroy, head west along Melbourne Road to Murphy Line, turn right.
Proceed to Napier Road and turn left and keep your eyes on the large woodlot
to the right as you drive south.  The Eagle may be sitting tight against the
trees.  If he is not here, the areas to the southwest towards Alvinston is
great potential coverage.

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