GPS info for Golden Eagle

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I forgot to add the GPS coordinates to help you,

My Emap is set to degrees/minutes/seconds, with NAD 83

N 42o 53' 30.1"
W 081o 46' 00.9"

+/- error was 3.5 metres

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> Subject:	Golden Eagle Still Present near Strathroy
> Yesterday, my parents came down from Waterloo, to search with Vicki and I,
> for mythical Golden Eagles.  They have not seen one in almost fifteen
> years of birding.  
> My credibility was almost shot, when Vicki spotted a large bird tucked
> back in the corner of the same woodlot that we observed the bird last
> weekend.  Twenty minutes later and some great views of the soaring bird,
> my parents could add an immature Golden Eagle to their lists.  The eagle
> soared over the field off and on for fifteen minutes, spooking up the
> resident pair of Red-tailed Hawks.  Great views were had with the scopes
> and through binoculars.  The white band in the tail, and the white in the
> wing along with the golden wash was clearly observable against the sky.
> While driving through the area, we were able to find several Light-phased
> Rough-legged Hawks, numerous Red-tails, Kestrels and Harriers.  As well,
> several small flocks of Common Redpolls (50 or so each) were found, and a
> cooperative Northern Shrike was seen just south of the Sydenham River on
> Woodcock Road, just south of Rokeby Line.  We finished up with a Cooper's
> Hawk hunting over the Tim's in Strathroy.
> From Strathroy, head west along Melbourne Road to Murphy Line, turn right.
> Proceed to Napier Road and turn left and keep your eyes on the large
> woodlot to the right as you drive south.  The Eagle may be sitting tight
> against the trees.  If he is not here, the areas to the southwest towards
> Alvinston is great potential coverage.
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