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Saturday January 26th and Sunday January 27 were both good days for birds 
around the Lindsay area.  On Saturday a day long trip to the Kenri 
conservation area produced a variety of winter birds.  As usual the 
Chickadees were the most common, however Brown Creepers, Red-breasted 
Nuthatches, Golden-crowned Kinglets and a small flock of Ceder Waxwings were 
all seen (no Bohemian's).  As usual on the drive though town several 
Red-tailed Hawks were seen.

Sunday was an even better day.  At around 11:00 saturday we decided to go 
for a midnight walk in search of owls.  Though we could find no owls in the 
Kenri, we did see one owl.  On the drive back to Lindsay a LONG-EARED OWL 
was seen perched near the road in an open field.  The bird allowed a good 
view (even though it was at night) and as usual with owls allowed a very 
close approach.  Later that day a trip to the local Sewage lagoon produced 
the usual Herring, Ring-billed and Great Black-backed gulls frequenting the 
nearby landfill, as well as a immature ICELAND GULL.  The Highlight of the 
day was a SNOWY OWL seen just east of Lindsay near the new super jail.  The 
owl was quite conspicuous sitting far out in the field on a fence post.  
Though the distance was great between the owl and us it was a good sighting. 
  Again several Red-tailed Hawks were also seen in and around Lindsay.

That's the birds from another good weekend spent around the Lindsay area.

Chris Heffernan

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