Lewis's Woodpecker- Wooler, Hawk owl-Bobcaaygeon

Bob Prentice lrpren at auracom.com
Mon Jan 28 13:11:39 EST 2002

My wife and I found the Lewis's Woodpecker at 9:30AM. It was very active and
never out of sight. It can be seen with binnoculars but it is better with a
scope As it was so active we left the scope trained on the yellow suet bag
and watched it the rest of the time with the binnoculars. It was doing the
same as reported yesterday in carrying suet from the feeder to tree on the
opposite side of the house. The bird would return to the suet bag for 30
seconds about once every 3 minutes. Please respect the owners request of not
going past the 911(#76) sign in the middle of the picnic table. Directions
courtesy Don Shanahan: Take Hwy 401 exit 522 and travel NW on county rd 40.
At Wooler it becomes cty rd 5. Exiting Wooler you will see St. Alphonsus
Catholic Church on your right. App.0.9km past the church turn right on Teal
Rd. Almost immediately turn left on Leavitt Rd.  The road is muddy and
narrow but there is a place to park on the left before you get to #76 .

The Hawk Owl was northwest of Bobcaygeon on Oliver's Rd. The Owl was in thee
top of a deciduous tree about 100yds from the road just north of the 2 white
houses with barns having green roofs at 11:30 AM. Directions courtesy John
Bick At the intersection of Highway 36 and 49 in Bobcaygeon drive north on
49 for 2kms. Turn left on Anderson Line and drive west for just over 1km and
turn left on Oliver Rd. and start looking immediately.Hard not to miss!!!

Bob & Maxine Prentice Peterborough

"Bob Prentice" <lrpren at auracom.com>

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