Fw: Carolina Wren, Keswick feeder.

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Mon Jan 28 14:36:49 EST 2002

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Subject: Carolina Wren, Keswick feeder.

> Thought I'd send in an update on the Carolina Wren, its still coming to my
> feeder  regularly feeding on scraps of suet dropped by the greedy
> The feeders are fairly quiet during the day, with most activity occurring
> early morning, and again just before dusk.
> other birds present,30+Common Redpolls,Hairy& Downy
> Woodpeckers,Red&WhiteBreasted Nuthatch, Whitethroated Sparrow,
>                                 Good birding,
>                                                   Keith Dunn
> Keswick can be reached from Toronto via the northbound 404, exit at Davis
> Drive, go west to Leslie St, north on Leslie, that will take you through
> Sharon & Queensville to Keswick, approximately 60k from Toronto.
> E-mail me privately for directions to my feeders.
> hudu3 at rogers.com

"Keith Dunn" <hudu3 at rogers.com>

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