Rondeau Waterfowl

Keith Burk keith.burk at
Tue Jan 29 16:04:59 EST 2002

Hi all,

With the recent mild weather and the ice break-up on the bay the numbers
of some waterfowl have increased, although alot have wintered in the
area also. Most noteworthy is a female King Eider which has been around
for at least 3 weeks on the lake off of Morpeth (east of Rondeau). With
the numbers of scaup on the lake decreasing since December, it is
relatively easy to see, most times being right on shore. All three
scoters are also present with the Eider. Other waterfowl include:

Tundra Swan (1800) -  4500 wintered
Gadwall  (210) - wintered
American Wigeon (85) -  150 wintered
Redhead (5600) - 1500 wintered
Canvasback (2500)
Greater Scaup (6500)
Lesser Scaup (8200)
Ring-necked Duck (465) - wintered

The numbers of Canvasback are particularly interesting as we have only
had about 100 all winter. Alot of these ducks are record highs for the
month of January indicative of the mild winter. There are still plenty
of Snowy Owls around with at least 3 being seen today along the north
shore of the bay.

Blenheim, On.

Keith Burk <keith.burk at>

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