Snow Owls Toronto and Lewis woodpecker Wooler

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Wed Jan 30 13:28:41 EST 2002

Please Excuse my spelling ,I am Dyslexic
thank you for your understanding.

First Today I tuck a driver down to Colonel Sam Smith Park at the foot
of Kipling and
Lake shore Blvd, to look for the imm Snowy Owl, what I found for the
third day in a row was a photographer harassing this bird!! On Saturday
their was a photo nut from N.Y right out on the boat docks with a camera
and lenses as big as his attitude!! And people wonder why I have a thing
about giving out info on Owls, pleas give this bird some room ! the
reality is your pitchers are not going to be bout by National Geographic
and will probably  end up in the hole in a ground when you die .

the reason this bird is hear is do to being push of its northern
territory do to lack of food ( or one of the reasons ) and harassing it
to fly around for hours on end is not a good thing .
I apologies in advance to thous that I annoy with this but something had
to be seed do to one of the photographers defences being  “ well its
posted all over the web “ what ever that means.

Yesterday 01-29-02 Carol Horner and I tuck a fast drive down to see if
we could find the
first year Lewis’s Woodpecker at Wooler  , wear we found it as soon as
we got out of the car and had wonderful looks at it as it parched on top
a telephone post , thanks to all their for letting us look through 3
different scoops it was great to see the difference in them all.

to get their we tuck exit # 522 off the 401 and went north to Teal rd
turn right and follow over the three bridges to your next right and look
for the bird perching hi from hear.

On our way back we stop in to Presqu’ile PP in Brighton and like good
citizens we paid our way in only to find that most of the roods wear
block off for the winter and we wear unable to get to most good birding
areas , I rely wanted my money back on our way out!!!

then it was a stop in to Cranberry march to look for the Wight wing
Crossbills ( with no luck) we wear reward with looks at a N Harrier and
a  Wight fronted goose ( thank you ) and a rousting Add Bald Eagle !! on
our way back up the rood we found a flock of Red polls (150+) with at
least 1 Hoary Red poll in with them I am sheer there wear moor .

Halls rd runs south of Victoria in Whitby.

Now thats good birding in Ont. ........

csam at

Craig McLauchlan <csam at>

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