Lewis' and Bl .B. Woodpeckers +++

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Wed Jan 30 14:12:55 EST 2002

Hi all!
    I had a long, tiring but quite productive day of winter birding 
yesterday. Checked out Presq'ile first, only saw the usual offshore ducks, 
but on the way out at Ontario St.#139 had a small, all female, flock of 8 
Pine Grosbeaks about 8:15 am. Heading to Wooler by way of Telephone Rd. and 
after crossing Hwy 401 saw about 20 Wild Turkeys near Brighton Dump - 
quickly looked over the gulls but did not find anything of note. At the 
corner of Carman and Murray Rds. - saw a large flock of(200+) Redpolls in 
the orchard and scoping them found 2/3 Hoary.
  The Lewis' Woodpecker was calling and quite easy to find - great 
directions - and by 9:15 I was on my way to McTier.  On County Rd. #21 about 
1 km. east of Dundonald at #14195 - had an adult N.Shrike - roadside. Did 
not see much of note along 401, 115/35, 35, 7 - moving too fast - but west 
of Orillia on Hwy 12 saw another small group of 7 Pine Grosbeaks with just 1 
young male this time.
  At McTier after 1:00 pm, I too found just 2 BB and 2 Hairy 
Woodpeckers(these were also on BB stripped trees). Frank was heading out as 
I was still heading in on #11 and we stopped, exchanged pleasantries and 
compared notes. I turned around shortly thereafter and found 2 Ruffed Grouse 
about 30 ft.up in an old birch. I saw Frank's vehicle pulled over and he got 
out to advise me of the Barred Owl beside him. Superb viewing and a great 
big thanks to Frank and Sally for finding this gorgeous bird.
I saw a couple of Ravens south of McTier on #69 and then an adult Bald Eagle 
soaring to the west near Musquatch(?) River - Iroquois Cranberries sign - 
where the road becomes 4 lanes. I just managed to get back to Oakville for 
my 5:45pm Dr.appt.

  Winter List - 132       2002 - 111

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