a study of Long-tailed Ducks

Chip.Weseloh at ec.gc.ca Chip.Weseloh at ec.gc.ca
Thu Jan 31 06:44:51 EST 2002

> Dear Ontbirders:
> Later this winter we hope to catch several Long-tailed Ducks and attach
> satelitte transmitters to them. Our objectives are to assess contaminant
> loads in birds wintering on Lake Ontario and to find where (in the Arctic)
> birds which winter on Lake Ontario go to breed. Right now we are trying to
> locate major concentration areas for LTDUs...particularly first thing in
> the morning (where do they first go to feed ?) and in the evening (where
> do they roost ?). We would greatly appreciate any specifc observations or
> information Ontbirders could give us on these kinds of concentration areas
> for LTDUs, especially in the Greater Toronto area. For example, to what
> extent do they roost in Toronto's inner, or outer, harbour ? What kind of
> numbers arrive at Humber Bay Park first thing in the morning, i.e. before
> sunrise or shortly thereafter ? Bluffer's Park ? Mouth of the Rouge ?
> Etc.....
> Thanks,
> Chip
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