Gray Partridges - Ottawa

Jamie jamie_934 at
Thu Jan 31 13:49:00 EST 2002

Hi Ontbirders!

  Yesterday my friend Bev and I saw 8 or 9 Gray partridges in the wooded
area just west of Greenboro station (OC transpo transitway and O-train.).
  A day earlier we also spotted a Nothern Shrike at the Greenboro statin as
we were boarding the O-train.

Directions: sorry if my directions suck but I don't have a car so I have to
walk or take a bus to get around.
  The area west of Greenboro staion is just behind South Keys shopping
centre.  Some areas are restricted so be careful to watch for signs.
Another wasy to get into this area is by walking in from the train tracks at
McCarthy road.
"Jamie" <jamie_934 at>

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