Bruce County regional report

Cindy Cartwright pom at
Fri Feb 1 14:52:06 EST 2002

Yesterday before the storms hit, I saw 2 horned larks in the fields south of
Port Elgin.

There have been 4 rough-legged hawks working the field behind my house
today.  Three are stunning dark-phase rough-legs - so dark that you can't
make out the black wrist patches.  There is a sharp contrast between the
white underside of the flight feathers and the dark underwing coverts and
trailing edges of the wings.  One of the birds has 3 narrow white bands on
the tail.  The others show the more typical tail colour.  The light-phase
hawk looks larger than the other three.  We're under a winter storm
advisory, the schools are all closed, and it's snowing horizontally, yet
these hawks look effortless as they glide up and down the field.  Amazing

Cindy Cartwright
Saugeen Shores

"Cindy Cartwright" <pom at>

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