Lewis's woodpecker in Wooler

Abel Zwart zwartbirds at rogers.com
Fri Feb 1 15:27:22 EST 2002

We went in search of the Lewis's woodpecker in Wooler today, and it took a
bit of patience, but the bird did arrive. We waited for about 40 minutes,
scanning the feeder, and after 40 minutes, the woodpecker appeared and
stayed for about a minute before heading back into the spruce.

It was raining and that's probably why it took a while for the woodpecker
to make its appearance.

Directions (per Don Shanahan's posting)
Wooler is located northeast of Brighton and is accessed by departing the 401
at exit 522 and travelling northwest on county road 40.
At Wooler, this road becomes county road 5. Drive through Wooler, where the
road turns sharply to the right and shortly thereafter you will encounter
St. Alphonsus Catholic Church (#118 on the north side of the road).
Approximately .9 km past the church, you will find Teal Road where you turn
right or south.
After a very short distance, turn left on Leavitt Road (this is really a
farm lane and isn't marked on the MapArt Ontario Road Atlas). All three
homes on this road have feeders where the bird has been seen; however, it
spends most of its time at the end of Leavitt Rd. at # 76. This is the home of
Jean and Homer Leavitt who welcome birders with several provisos. The bird
frequents feeders on the north side of the house and is very skittish (much
like the Carman Road bird of June 2000). The Leavitts suggest that birders
not proceed past the picnic table bearing the blue 911 sign with the number
76. The feeders are visible from this spot and the bird can be easily
looked at with binoculars or scopes from here.

The Leavitts do not want people walking on their lawn or about their house.
As Leavitt Road is a farm lane it is muddy and narrow.  As a result, it would
serve everyone well if birders would park farther back along the road and
walk to the picnic table area.

Jay VanderGaast
Abel Zwart

Abel Zwart <zwartbirds at rogers.com>

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