As the crows fly (Ottawa)

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Fri Feb 1 17:13:20 EST 2002

A bit further again on this posting.

Today a great many crows were in 2 fields along Prince of Wales Drive, just
north of Fallowfield Rd, as well as in trees on both sides of the roads
around 2pm.  This must be a gathering area for these birds prior to heading
northeast towards the areas of Billings Bridge and the hospitals.

Daily now there is a "river' of crows heading southwest right over the same
fields in early morning, but not stopping.

Eve (ps. I think any more of this should probably go on OntarioBirding...)

> We live immediately south of Billings Bridge & have watched during the past
> two months as the crows make their way towards the south-west about an hour
> before dawn.  It's almost impossible to give an accurate count but I
> estimate somewhere between 2,000 & 3,000.  Travelling "as the crow flies"
> they will likely end up in the general vicinity of the Trail Road municipal
> dump off Moodie Drive.
> The crows return, as Eve noted, around 3h.30 in the afternoon & settle in
> the same considerable numbers in trees (or buildings) close to Billings
> Bridge.  This appears to be a pre-roosting gathering &, as dusk falls, they
> mostly move on, possibly to the roosts mentioned as being in the vicinity of
> the Ottawa Hospital General Campus.
> Last night (31st) was a little different, perhaps because of the
> deteriorating weather.  Upwards of 2,000 crows remained in our area (Bavlie
> Avenue, south of Billings Bridge & west of Bank Street) & stayed throughout
> the night before setting off again to find food this morning.

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