Snowy Owl Still At Col. Sam Smith Park, Toronto

Brian Bailey b.p.bailey at
Sat Feb 2 10:23:37 EST 2002

The Snowy Owl was still present at Col. Samuel Smith Park in Toronto this
morning,  but it was a bit more difficult to find.  There was a
photographer's blind, but no owl on the docks.  The owl was on the rocks at
the shore near the south east corner of the harbour area.  It is probably
viewable from the north side, but it was best viewed from the path running
along the south shore of the bay.  It blends in very well with the rocks and

There is also a Saw Whet Owl in the cedars along the west side of Col. Sam
Smith Drive (the extension of Kipling south of Lakeshore Blvd W) just north
of the first turn.

Colonel Samuel Smith Park is found at the corner of Kipling Avenue and
Lakeshore Blvd W in Toronto.

Brian Bailey
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