Pine Grosbeaks - University of Guelph

Mike Boyd boydm at
Sat Feb 2 18:56:54 EST 2002

Dear Fellow Birders

The Pine Grosbeaks that have been seen around the University of Guelph campus 
recently were seen again today. This morning, around 10:30, I found a flock of 
around 30 birds just south of the intersection of College St and Gordon St in 
the tops of the deciduous trees. Six birds were still present in the same 
general location around 2:30pm.

Directions: To reach this location take the 401 to the Brock Rd/Hwy 6 south 
exit (299) and go north along Brock Rd which turns into Gordon St the birds 
have been seen all over the Guelph campus so some searching might be needed.

Mike Boyd
Guelph, Ontario
Mike Boyd <boydm at>

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