Smith's Longspur

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Sun Feb 3 15:19:41 EST 2002

The Niagara contingent (Gordon Bellerby, John Black, Drew Campbell, Bob,
Blayne and Jean Farnan, Marcie Jacklin, Alan Smith and I) made our way to
Hagersville this morning for the SMLO found yesterday by John Miles.  Along
with 80 to 100 other birders, we were not disappointed.

On our departure, we stopped alongside a pick-up truck to explain to these
obvious local people what everyone was doing in the open field.  To our
total surprise, it WAS the property owner and his wife.  They had driven
over from their home when they saw the invasion taking place on their
property.  We carefully explained everything to them including details of
the rare bird everyone had come to see.  They were very happy to hear about
the joy this bird had brought to so many people and wanted the birding
community to know that birders were welcome.  He further added that since
there was nothing planted in the field, birders walking around the property
would not do it any harm.  I will write Jean Iron and ask her to perhaps
consider writing them a letter from OFO expressing the appreciation of the
birding community for being so considerate.

Anyone wanting their names and address please contact me privately.

Denys Gardiner was thinking about buying the property so that he could add
the species to his yard list.  Little did Denys know that the property IS
for sale.  The owner suggested we let everyone know 'it is for sale', and he
even offered us (Black, Bellerby, Smith and I) a special finders fee if we
could help sell the property.  Denys, or anyone else, get your cheque books
out....we need the commission!!!!

On our way home we stopped at Gray's Road in Stoney Creek and saw the
breeding plumaged male King Eider.  No sign of the Barrow's Goldeneye behind
the Travelodge in Burlington.  Continuing to the 'pirate ship' at Jordan
Station, the female King Eider was easily seen, but was now accompanied by
an immature male King Eider.


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