Peregrine from Chatham

ross snider ross_snider at
Sun Feb 3 17:31:36 EST 2002

Hi Birders,
    Regarding the Peregrine Falcon from Chatham that I have had calls about. 
As an update.  From what I know the Peregrine was picked uplast Wed. Jan. 
30, on his back in the snow.  Due to inclement weather, we did not receive 
the bird until Feb. 1.  This is apparently "Hal" hatched last May in 
Hamilton.  He is in great shape, weight and otherwise, X-rays showed nothing 
negative and he is at this point extremely feisty.  I do hope for a 
re-release this week but will update after discussing with M.N.R.
   Is anyone aware of "Hal" or a Peregrine wintering in Chatham  this 
winter?  Please E-mail me privately on that one.  May affect a re-release 
location. Thanks.
Ross Snider
Tamarack Raptor Rehab. Ctr.
Ingersoll, Ont.

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