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Hi Mark (and Ontbirders)

In proximity to Kingston, I do not know of any other place to get all your
target species outside of Algonquin Park. You might find Boreal Chickadee,
Black-backed Woodpecker or Gray Jay in places outside of the park, However,
I do not know where else to find all your targets in one location. The Park
is, without doubt, one of the best places in the southern part of the
Province to find Spruce Grouse.

My first recommendation is to go to the Algonquin web site at . From here, you can order any of the
amazing park publications including: "Checklist and Seasonal Status of the
birds of Algonquin Provincial Park."

To find out about current bird sightings, you should talk to park
naturalists at the Park Visitors Centre (613) 637-2828

I don't think the park plows the parking lots or side roads in winter. You
should call the park information office for accessibility (705) 633-5572.

I have not been to the park in winter for a long time. However, my best
success, during all other seasons, has been along the "Mizzy Lake Trail",
approached from the old railway bed half way up Arowhon road (Km marker 15.)
Follow the railway bed east until you meet the trail. Your targets are
frequently observed along the railway berm.

The short, but productive, "Spruce Bog Boardwalk" (Km marker 43) is another
excellent spot for your targets. (easy access from Highway 60)

In spring, I often have success along the road to Opeongo Lake (Km marker
47.) About a third of the way in, there is a dirt road on the east side of
the gate (Cameron Lake Road.) I often have good success in this general
area. (I think Opeongo Lake Road is plowed to the gate in winter.)

Good Luck and let us know what you find.

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