Ross's Geese at Rondeau

Keith Burk keith.burk at
Mon Feb 4 13:29:00 EST 2002

Hi all,

Sorry for the delay of this report, but I didn't have the time to do
this yesterday.

There were 2 adult white-phased Ross's Geese in a corn field just east
of Shrewsbury. They were in a flock of 26 Snow Geese (16 White, 10
Blue). These geese were all by themselves as the Canada's were all on
the other side of the road.

Jim Burk
Blenheim, On.


Go south out of Blenheim on old highway 3, and turn off on to
Communication Rd. This will take you to Shrewsbury. Instead of heading
into Shrewsbury, turn left on New Scotland Line. Follow this road for
about 1 mile. You should go over two creeks. The birds have been hanging
around the second creek on the north side of the road.

Keith Burk <keith.burk at>

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