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Redpoll, Lapland Longspur

> Hi Ontbirds people,
> Reporting on some birds seen by Gordon Pringle & Bob Bracken today.  In
> spite of the weather and the date (a very cold & windy winter day + early
> February do NOT usually = good birds), they had quite a bit of success:
> The Red-bellied Woodpecker at 695 Golden Line Rd. east of Carleton Place
> at the feeders @ 10:00 AM; it was on one of the seed-feeders in front of
> house, rather than the suet.
> Approx. 14 Gray Partridge were in the same area reported yesterday, along
> Colonnade Rd. North just west of the intersection with old Hwy 16.
> The Hoary Redpoll (a female 'exilipes' type) and the Brown Thrasher were
> the Hilda Rd. feeder near Shirley's Bay as well as several Bohemian
> Waxwings, and the Hermit Thrush was at the Ottawa Duck Club feeder on 4th
> Line near Riddell Rd.
> At least SIX Lapland Longspurs were feeding in a manure-spread along
> B. Munro Rd. west of Carp, along with several Horned Larks.
> Too windy to hope for northern woodpeckers or Boreal Chickadees, but other
> good birds included 2 Snowy Owls (one in the Eagleson Rd. / Brownlee Rd.
> area), and another on a hydro pole in the Greenbank Rd. / Fallowfield Rd.
> area -- evidently a favourite perch for this Snowy over the pst several
> weeks). A few Rough-Legged and Red-tailed Hawks were seen in out in the
> country as well.
> Hope I haven't forgotten anything important.....Good job, Gord & Bob!
> RED-BELLIED WOODPECKER - Take Hwy 417 west to the Hwy 7 (Carleton Place)
> exit, then proceed along the 7 to Dwyer Hill Rd.  Turn right (north) on
> Dwyer Hill and look for Hamilton Side Rd. on your left.  Take this road to
> Golden Line and turn right.  The feeders are all in the front yard of #695
> Golden Line, and there is no need to disturb the residents (we have spoken
> personally to the Kelly's and they welcome birders, but it's best to be
> quiet and discreet, for the woodpecker's sake).
> GRAY PARTRIDGE - Take the 416 to the Hunt Club exit, go east on Hunt Club
> Rd. and then left (north) on Merivale Rd.  Immediately after the railway
> overpass, turn right (east) on Colonnade Rd. and take it to almost the
> end, where it bends and becomes more shrubby. Look in the fields near the
> Nepean Creek Stormwater Management ponds, as well as near the buildings in
> the business park...the birds have most recently been seen sheltering near
> the buildings along Colonnade Rd. North.
> HOARY REDPOLL & BOHEMIAN WAXWINGS - Take Carling Ave. west past Moodie
> to Range Rd. (NOTE - this is also the area where a Northern Shrike and the
> resident albinistic Red-tailed Hawk were seen recently).  Turn right
> on Range Rd. and proceed to Lois Ave, a small lane on your right. After
> turning onto Lois, Hilda Rd. comes up shortly on the right and this leads
> the feeders. Many birds have been active here this winter, including large
> numbers of Mourning Doves, several Downy & Hairy Woodpeckers, Blue Jays,
> Black-capped Chickadees, "the" Brown Thrasher, many Common Redpolls and
> American Tree Sparrows...and of course, the waxings and the Hoary.  A
> Cooper's Hawk was cruising around here yesterday, and this is also a
> haunt for Northern Goshawks (but no guarantees!) Up to 4 Snowshoe Hares
> also been seen here this winter, as the feeder-person puts out carrots and
> other goodies for them as well as the birds.
> LAPLAND LONGSPURS - Take Hwy 417 to the Carp Rd. exit, head into the town
> Carp, and turn left (west) on Donald B. Munro in the heart of Carp.
> Continue until you're out in the country, past Diamondview Rd. and Old
> Rd.  The Longspurs & Larks have continued to be attracted to this area as
> fresh manure is being spread in the fields along the Donald B.
> SNOWY OWLS - (Eagleson / Brownlee) -Take Hwy 416 south to the Fallowfield
> Rd. exit, turn right (west) on Fallowfield, and continue until Eagelson
> Turn left on Eagelson, and Brownlee Rd. comes up on your right. The fields
> off the side-roads in this area have been attractive to over-wintering
> Snowy's for many years....(Greenbank / Fallowfield) - Take the Fallowfield
> Rd. exit off the 416, but turn LEFT (east), and follow Fallowfield until
> intersection with Greenbank Rd.  The Experimental Farm fields in this area
> have also hosted several Snowy Owls in the past, and this winter there
> been TWO in the area.......one or both of which like to perch on the hydro
> poles along Greenbank.
> Good winter birds to y'all (and yes, it's finally WINTER!)
> Chris Lewis
> Ottawa
> weewa at primus.ca

"Christina Lewis" <weewa at primus.ca>

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