Sick redpolls in northern Simcoe County

Janet Grand birdhouse at
Tue Feb 5 13:23:44 EST 2002

I have received several reports now of sick Common Redpolls at feeders in
the north Simcoe County area (especially in the area around Orillia). Some
are dying.

The birds are lethargic, seem to be picking at themselves under their
feathers, and seem to fluff up and have difficulty "settling" their
feathers, especially their wings. There is an impression of them getting
"fat" or perhaps bloated. This seems to disappear after death.

Does anyone know if there is a particular illness or parasite currently
infesting these birds?

Please reply to me privately.

Thank you

Janet Grand
Bird House Nature Company
Orillia, Ontario
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"Janet Grand" <birdhouse at>

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