Smith's Longspur Update, Hagersville

Jean Niskanen jniskan at
Tue Feb 5 15:51:06 EST 2002

Thanks to Mike Street's report early this morning, there was a steady stream
of birders that drove to Hagersville area today and were rewarded with
sightings of the SMITH'S LONGSPUR.
When I arrived at 12:30 pm, it had just been seen amongst >100 Horned Larks
that were coming to the side of the road.  Today there was blowing, drifting
snow that was covering the 2nd line except where the small bridge disrupted
the drifting snow.  In this small section (~200 m long), there was blacktop
and bare shoulders on the road.  As passing motorists caused the birds to fly
up, they could be predicted to return to this section of road.

When I finally saw the Smith's Longspur, it was not with the Horned Larks at
all but with a small flock of ~5 American Tree Sparrows, close to the bridge,
but in the weedy field.  Awhile later, a large flock of Snow Buntings flew
within 100m of the road, but our next sighting of the Smith's Longspur was at
1:30 pm with 3 Lapland Longspurs and  very few Horned Larks, again about 50 -
100 m from the road in the field on the north side of the 2nd Line.

Directions: (from John Miles).  Hagersville area.
2nd Line, east of No. 6 highway in the weedy field on the north side of the
road between no. 6 and the power lines to the east.. The 2nd line is the 2nd
concession road north of Hagersville.

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