Snowy Owl- Limeridge Mall, Hamilton (at night!)

Brandon Holden skholden at
Tue Feb 5 21:02:35 EST 2002


    Today (Feb 5) I saw a SNOWY OWL fly up to and land on the SE corner of
Limeridge Mall at 7:33pm in Hamilton. It was quite a surprise to see a Snowy
Owl fly by in the dark! I believe the bird was an Adult female but it was
hard to tell since it was dark. I watched it until 7:50 until I decided to

    Limeridge Mall: Take the 403 to the Lincoln Alexander Parkway (east),
continue east until Upper Wentworth and exit here, and go north. The Mall is
on the right.

Brandon Holden

"Brandon Holden" <skholden at>

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