Please Read - Rogers/Home problems affecting ONTBIRDS service

Mike Street mikestreet at
Wed Feb 6 06:25:44 EST 2002

Good Morning:

Mark Cranford asked for assistance in resolving a problem which cropped up
last Friday and has continued. Please read this message as you may be
able to help. The problem is NOT with the ONTBIRDS system but is
affecting ONTBIRDS posts. 

As far as I can tell, the difficulties stem from the switch away from by Rogers. Cogeco customers do not seem to be affected. There are
two aspects to this: - ONTBIRDS posts to people still using addresses are
bouncing back. Over the weekend the return message was 'User Unknown';
last night this changed to 'User temporarily over storage quota'. It
appears that people still on must change their address to
that required by whoever has taken over the service from and then
resubscribe to ONTBIRDS.

HOW YOU CAN HELP - If you know an ONTBIRDS subscriber still using a address, please call and tell them of this problem and ask them
to contact their ISP to get their address changed. Instructions for
resubscribing are at: - the Rogers problem is different. It appears that Rogers
subscribers are getting all ONTBIRDS posts EXCEPT those posted by
themselves or other ONTBIRDers using Rogers. We are trying to get an
answer from Rogers and will post it if/when received.

HOW YOU CAN HELP: All Rogers customers SHOULD get this message, but just
in case they do not, if you know an ONTBIRDS subscriber using a Rogers
address, please call and tell them of this problem and ask them to stand

Any Rogers customer who believes they have worked through the problem and
have a solution is asked to contact me PRIVATELY with details so they can
be checked in the context of how ONTBIRDS posts are distributed.

Thanks all.


Mike Street
Ancaster, Ontario, Canada
mikestreet at

Mike Street <mikestreet at>

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